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Family Law
Divorce is an unfortunate fact in our society. Approximately 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce.  The process of divorce is tough on everyone; it need not be an insidious legal fight.  
Arguing and fighting is harmful and rarely productive.  It may be that years of fighting has cost your marriage.  Fighting throughout a divorce proceeding will most assuredly cost you as well.  Fighting over small matters can cost you big attorney’s fees. Generally, the more spouses argue and fight in a divorce, the larger the legal bills grow.  More importantly, fighting is also quite harmful to your kids.  The bottom line is that divorce is usually traumatic to children. Fighting parents who fail to see the big picture only make it worse. 
I zealously represent my clients in every stage of litigation or mediation. There are those cases where there can be no compromise and fighting it out in front of a judge is the best option.   However, in divorce (dissolution) cases I generally seek to bring matters to conclusion as quickly and painlessly as possible, both in terms of emotional pain and financial pain. Fighting spouses may make a child cry and  may make a divorce lawyer’s wallet fat, but fighting over trivial matters is rarely in your best interest.   
Every marriage and every divorce is different. Feel free to give my office a call if you need to talk about yours. A contested divorce may or may not be the answer. I represent Moms, Dads, Husbands, and Wives in contested and uncontested divorces as well as mediation matters. My first office consultation is always free of charge.   
It's better to speak to an attorney than to wish you would have.
J. Phillip Steinman
Attorney at Law
Mr. Steinman also counsels and represents his clients in these related areas: 
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●Legal Guardianship ●Adoption   ●Child Support Enforcement ●Orders of Protection  ●Child Custody/Residence Modification  
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