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Consumer Bankruptcy
Stop the financial bleeding! Stop the lawsuits! Stop wage garnishments! Stop the endless collection calls!

Protections provided to individuals and families in the United States Bankruptcy Code can give a fresh financial start to those in financial peril.   ...I'm here to help.

Mr. Steinman’s office handles various bankruptcy matters, including personal  Chapter 7 bankruptcy, known as "liquidation" bankruptcy. He also represents individuals in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, known as a "wage earner's plan" or "reorganization" bankruptcy. He can help you eliminate debt and stop foreclosures, repossessions and wage garnishments. A free personal consultation with Mr. Steinman can be the first step toward a fresh financial start for you and your family.

If you find yourself faced with the looming prospect of foreclosure, the first thing you should do is contact an experienced attorney. Without sound advice, you could lose your home.
We Can Stop Foreclosure Immediately.
At Mr. Steinman’s firm, the primary tool we use to stop foreclosures is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Foreclosure of a home mortgage may be stopped at any time before the sale of the home. Under Chapter 13, you can roll past-due mortgage payments into your debt repayment plan. So the sooner you call, the better off you will be.
Do Not Delay. Contact Mr. Steinman today at 618-465-2800. This office can stop foreclosure and help you get debt relief through a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The “New” Bankruptcy Laws
Since 2005, major changes in the bankruptcy code have led some consumers and families struggling with debt to believe they are no longer able to get the relief they need. While it is true that many of the new laws were pushed hard by credit card companies and special interest groups, an experienced attorney can still help people from all walks of life get results and put their lives back on track. Mr. Steinman’s office helps his clients put the law behind their family and their finances. If you have questions about how the new bankruptcy laws impact you, call us at 618-465-2800. Mr. Steinman can analyze your situation, evaluate your needs, explore your full range of options and put you on the path toward a plan designed specifically to meet your needs.